TO BOOK HERE is very simple, just follow these steps:

  1. Browse my web and take note of the excursions of your interest.
  2. Write us an email either from the contact form in «Contacto» (you will find them top right and on the left hand side of the page),  or directly from your mailbox to, by mentioning the excursions writen before (point 1), the number of persons, the dates, if the dates are tentative (If you are beginning with the programming and still does not have concrete dates) or confirmed (if your trip already has other reservations confirmed with unremovable dates), also it would good if you could explain briefly the reason of your visit (honeymoon, holiday, work, etc..) and ask any doubt you may have.
  3. In less than 48 workable hours you will receive my answer. Bear in mind that the more detailed you send the email mentioned in the paragraph (2), before and more exact we will be able to send the budget.
  4. To confirm the bookings at Salvador Flores Tour Guide Andalucia. Com 50 % payment is necessary. The forms of payment are the following:
    • PayPal: We will send the proforma with the amount to pay them and simply you will have to pulsate in «Paying» and choosing your method of payment: bank card or your account. PayPal is the most rapid and comfortable form. Bear in mind that ever the site nor the staff have access to your payment details given to PayPal. You are directly conected to PayPal platform.
    • Through bank wire: mention it in your email (point 2), we will then send you a PDF or JPG proforma with our bank international account details (SWIFT CODE), you will be able to do the bank wire either from:
    • Please take note that the money by international bank wires take quite a long time to arrive to our account and meanwhile your dates could be booked by someone else who paid with a faster mean of payment.  Unfortunately,  we cannot support tentative dates since it is greatt demands, for this reason, we recommend to our kind customers vividly the payment with PayPal (credit or debit card). Until the deposit is not received, the dates are not confirmed.
  5. The day of the visit, the remaining 50% will have to paid in cash. It will paid compulsory before beginning the visit. If you prefer, you can also pay the total cost of the proforma (we will then send you the bill by email), so you will not have to take so much cash with you. PayPal offers you ecommerce guarantee and in the cancellation politics of this site you will see that the terms are very reasonable.

We recommend our kind customers to read the politics of cancellation and return by clicking on » Legal Notice » in this site. and then on «Select Language» . Thank you.